After over 20 years working in the corporate world, we responded to our desire to be involved in full time work with more of a purpose. While we had been involved in lay ministries over the years of drama, music, parenting classes, and sports, we believed it was time to take a step toward full time ministry.

In August 2005, we packed up our home in Southern California where we had lived for 22 years and raised our children and moved to Bramwell WV. Why Bramwell? That's where the founder of our prior ministry had found a building (a former school).

Between 2006 to 2018, we co-labored with another couple, Steve and Linda Short. Steve Short and Steve Newcomb wrote the original music for 5  musicals which have been performed many times in several states and in Romania, Brazil, Kosovo, England and Wales. For more information on our former ministry and their current activities, please 

Beginning September 2018, we left His Majesty's Ministries to reduce the amount of travel that was necessary so we could be more settled and enjoy more time with our family. We joined A.C.T. International, a new covering that will enable us to continue drama ministry in a slightly different way. Steve will continue to write and perform new monologues and dramas as well as direct the dramas that were written during our time with His Majesty's Ministries. Initially we will be residing in Santa Ana CA while we help settle some family estate issues. Then, we think we will be moving to NC.

Steve and Charlotte Newcomb
2109 E Santa Clara Ave
Santa Ana CA 92705
cell 304-320-4382

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