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Our New Name and Logo

We have shortened and slightly changed our ministry name. We believe it is a better description of what we do.

Our van in Brazil

Public School Performance

Outdoor Performance

Cast of Disciples


  • August 4 -30
  • 16 Performances  including 1 public school
  • 2900 people attended
Our ministry trip to Brazil might best be summed up by the hymn Trust and Obey.  All the work to get ready including securing visa's & plane tickets, Steve and others learning the script in Portuguese, to choosing which costumes to take, all required us to obey God in moving forward and trusting Him to provide funds, visas, script memorization and other details all at the proper times.  He provided all we prayed for, although not always with the timing we would have preferred!!  We humans like "cushion" room when deadlines are involved.
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Mid November we head to Florida for several Christmas Performances.

We will be in Orange County for the holidays, approximately Dec. 22 - Jan. 8. We hope to see as many of our CA friends as possible.

Jan. 10-24, we head to the Cayman Islands. Easter will be in Ohio on the way to Canada.
If you have sky miles you would like to donate to help us pay for travel in our ministry, please let us know. We can use them personally for upcoming family travel. If you donate them to the ministry, you will receive a donation receipt.
  • Safety in all our travels
  • Fruit in Brazil
  • New ministry name
  • Good health
  • Performance for MidAtlantic Presbytery
  • Family all doing well
  • More bookings
  • Possible new staff member - Amanda
  • Financial support for Steve/Linda Short
  • Possible connection with Keynote Music, part of Campus Crusade

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