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Our Van Towed to the Transmission Repair


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Working and Resting



SEPTEMBER 16, 2009
"We are blessed, we are blessed, by our Father we are blessed!" 
This has become our theme song as a ministry. This is one line from a song in His Story, our number 2 musical. It is closely related to a line in one of the songs in our new Christmas musical, Perspectives Of Christmas, “ Will God receive the glory when the story is told?” 
We are on our way to Lincoln, Nebraska to begin our west coast 8-week tour. We are traveling in our newly donated conversion van, or should I say, were traveling. Just outside Columbus, Indiana, the transmission quit working. We took this van to mechanics to be checked out and even a transmission specialist before this trip began. One mechanic wanted to buy it from us and the transmission shop said it was in good shape. So when this happened, I asked, what are we supposed to learn from this? 
I’ll tell you. Who do you call when you are stranded, far from home and family, without resources for housing, no vehicle, a large trailer that must be towed somewhere, and 6 people to feed, etc. We called Central Assembly of God in Vero Beach, FL  (the home church of Steve and Linda SHort) to get the names and phone numbers of Assembly of God churches near Columbus, Indiana. The first church was in the middle of a disaster of their own, trying to restore water service to their building, before the wedding of the pastor’s son in 2 days! The second church called a friend who ministers to the homeless and also provides emergency housing for victims of domestic violence. 
Well, this was an emergency, so the sheriff picked us up and brought us to the motel they use for emergency housing. Our van was towed to a transmission shop. In the middle of all this, the first church’s pastor called and said that they would help us if the Short's pastor, Buddy Tipton would vouch for us. Steve called Central Assembly again and everyone was gone for the day except the bookkeeper. She somehow relayed the message to Pastor Buddy. He called us and the pastor in Columbus. Our pastor assured this other pastor that if he helped us, it would be taken care of. Being Wednesday night, Pastor Buddy announced our predicament to the church and received an offering and the transmission repair is being paid. All of this happened within three hours! 

As we awoke this morning, we realized the great favor we have from the body of Christ. We are not alone, no matter where we are or what happens to us. God has given our ministry team favor with a number of churches, across denominational lines. In West Virginia, the Shorts attend a Pentecostal Holiness church, who had decided to give us their church van, before we had the conversion van donated at a Baptist church in North Carolina that treats us like they are our home church. Our  church, the  Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Bluefield, WV  allows us to use their sanctuary for rehearsals, etc. and supports us in every way. We do some of our writing in a Methodist church in Bramwell, WV using a key that has been entrusted to us. There are Assembly of God, pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, etc. that work with us to tell the story of Jesus when churches do not have enough people to provide 12 disciples for our plays. WE ARE BLESSED! If all of this ended tomorrow, we are still blessed because our anchor, the Lord Jesus Christ, holds securely. It won’t end tomorrow because we have eight weeks of commitment ahead of us.
The end of this chapter - our van is ready as of 2:30 PM and through a special offering taken last night at Central Assembly in FL, we have all the money needed for the repair bill.
God is good all the time!!


SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

God orders our steps and He has ordered them to Ogallala, Nebraska, possibly for a week. Why? Our van needs a new engine. We are going to have the sweetest van when this trip is over!
So, as we sat in the Dodge dealership in Ogallala, praying and seeking counsel, the owner began asking about us. He is a born again believer! He took us to lunch and is investigating an opportunity to perform at his church during our stay. We are also looking for other ministry opportunies we may have while we are here.
The expense for the new engine is about $6600.00 dollars. Our bank account is quite a bit shy to cover this expense. But we sought counsel from many wise people and concluded this is the wisest decision.
Our team is praying for 120 people to donate $50 to help pay for the new engine. Would you pray and consider being one of those people?
You can donate toward this need two ways:
Click on this link: http://hmmmt.synthasite.com/support-our-ministry.php and use the General Ministry Fund button.
(You do not need a Paypal account to donate by credit card.)

You can write a check to HMMMT and mail it to:
c/o Steve Newcomb
129 Bluestone Ave
Bramwell WV 24715
Please note on the memo section of the check: Van
(We have partners checking our mail who will deposit these checks into our HMMMT bank account.)

If  you choose to make a donation by check, could you please send us an email and let us know? (We will be automatically receiving emails for Paypal donations.)

All donations will receive a tax deductible reciept next quarter.
God seems to be determining a new itinerary for this trip. Please pray for us as we seek to discover, each day, where He is leading.

Blessings in Christ,
Steve and Charlotte
OCTOBER 7, 2009
Still In Nebraska...
We are still in Nebraska waiting for our new engine to arrive from Milwaukee. Should be here Monday but we are praying sooner.

In the meantime, we have been painting the showroom of the dealer who has taken us in and allowed us to stay with him and his wife.

We are overcome with the response of donations toward our repair expense. Over $4300 has been donated!!

We are trusting for another $2600 to totally cover the repair. 

If you feel lead to be part of our adventure, you can donate via paypal at this link http://hmmmt.synthasite.com/support-our-ministry.php Click on the General Ministry Fund
or send a check payable to HMMMT to:

c/o Steve Newcomb
129 Bluestone Ave
Bramwell WV 24715

I can tell you that our God is a big God and provides well for His children!
Steve and Charlotte


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