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  •  Gregory, 24 yr.old son of one of our ministry partners had a stroke and tests revealed a weak and enlarged heart.  He is home now and most stroke symptoms are gone.  Wisdom for doctors as to what is going on and healing.

  • Our ministry-HMMMT    we need to sell current 20 ft trailer we own and buy smaller 12 foot one before our trip to west coast.

  • We need to borrow, rent or have donated a van that can tow our trailer for our west coast trip.  The vehicle we usually use belongs to one of our team members and has high mileage and is not suitable for our trip passenger wise either.

  • More churches and groups to book performances for our west coast tour


Andrea – busy growing a private voice lesson business and working part time at Starbucks.  Enjoying living in her childhood home next to Steve’s mom and eating fresh veggies out of her very own garden.  Helping with worship at Calvary Church Santa Ana.  

Ben – working for the summer in Colorado with Americorps as a team leader to fulfill internship for school, (cutting down trees with a chainsaw as main work with his crew).   He graduates in April 2010 from Simpson Univ in Redding, CA in Outdoor leadership.

Carrie – Finishes working at Christian Adventure Camp (Kanakuk ) near Durango, CO on July 7.  Driving to CA to visit family and friends.  July 19 starts road trip back to WV with 2 girlfriends.  August 18 –offically makes parents empty nesters by going off to school at Appalachian State Univ in Boone, NC (3 hours from our home) where she will be a sophomore in Criminal Justice.

Steve and Charlotte Charlotte’s mom passed away April 1 in Colorado Springs after a brief illness and is happily dancing and worshipping with our Lord.  Steve’s mom continues living at her home enjoying the company of grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren who live locally. 

Carrie is looking for a place to spend the night in Gallup NM or Holbrook AZ or points between on July 7. She leaves camp at 6pm so would be getting in late evening. If you know anybody, then let us know.

Charlotte’s niece is starting graduate school in Burlington VT in Aug and has to live off campus.  She needs someone to look at an apartment for her to see if it is suitable place to live before she rents it sight unseen.  Know anyone in the area?  Let us know.




Closing scene from His Story at the Women's Brunch at Westminster Presbyterian.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Heb. 13:8

REJOICE with us that the God we worship and serve promises us stability in the eternal matters of life as all around events unfold that make our temporary world  more unstable.  May we all look for creative ways to be His witnesses to those who.cross our paths. 
To this end our performing arts ministry tells His Story using drama and music.
Here’s a quick peek at our ever growing ministry to churches and individuals.


Steve worked hard to direct rehearsals for performances on 2 consecutive weekends for 2 different dramas!  Charlotte was busy with costumes and making sure some got washed as needed!  Fitting a fixed number of costumes to a large variety of  people can be a challenge, hence the need for more costumes to help alleviate this problem  The drama , His Story, which we did at Westminster Presbyterian, our home church, used 26  volunteers from 4 different churches. Here is what some cast members had to say:

“It was like I was hearing the Sermon on the Mount for the first time. Seeing the characters sitting around and listening to Jesus made it much more real.”

“A wonderful and inspiring ministry. The song "Who Is This Man?" is very touching and beautiful.  One thing that I am especially impressed by is the fact that so many people with ordinary talents on short notice can have a wonderful opportunity to witness."


Steve spent almost the entire month redoing the music tracs for the songs in The Last Supper drama.  Through the use of an inexpensive computer program we now have professional sounding music and just need to add new vocals.  God continues to broaden the scope of Steve’s  creative music skills in amazing ways. Charlotte worked more on organizing and getting ready to sew as the house was in desperate need of cleaning and organizing after 5 months of coming and going.  She does admit to spending many hours planting our first garden since moving here


Several performances are on our schedule as well as taping a  more professional video of our Last Supper drama. Charlotte will stay busy making some new costumes..  We are excited about doing the Last Supper here in our little town of Bramwell on Fri. & Sat., July 17-18.  This will help people in our town to better understand what it is we do. Many are interested in us and our ministry and 

have become friends the 4 years we have lived here.   We will also be making phone calls and emails to book performances for a 7 week tour of Oregon and California starting late September. 


We start our WEST COAST Tour
Can you say very busy?  Performances scheduled for every Sunday and leaving for 7 week tour on Sept 23!!  About half of our available performances dates are still OPEN   If you know a church or group that might be interested please contact us with their information.  Our ministry web site is now quite full of information so please check it out and refer people to it as well as to us personally.   www.HMMMT.com.   We would thoroughly enjoy doing our dramas at as many of our friends’ churches as possible.    We will be sending out our schedule by email in August and it is also updated on our  website as performances are added.  We look forward to seeing “you all” in Oct/Nov that live in Oregon/Washington(border towns) and California. Those in the Orange County area can see our new musical, His Story at Calvary Church of Santa Ana November 1 at 6pm.

THANK YOU to all of you who faithfully support us in prayer.  Our family has traveled thousands of miles this year, and last three with no accidents and only a few minor mechanical problems.  Our God has certainly protected all five of us.

THANK YOU to all who have faithfully supported us these last 4 years. If you would like to become a ministry partner with us financially you can give using a credit card through the HMMMT.com web site or send checks directly to us made out to HMMMT.  All donations are issued tax deductible receipts quarterly and year end.

Currently our support is around $1400 per month and needs to be $3400.


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