Our ministry trip to Brazil might best be summed up by the hymn Trust and Obey.  All the work to get ready including securing visa's & plane tickets, Steve and others learning the script in Portuguese, to choosing which costumes to take, all required us to obey God in moving forward and trusting Him to provide funds, visas, script memorization and other details all at the proper times.  He provided all we prayed for, although not always with the timing we would have preferred!!  We humans like "cushion" room when deadlines are involved.

After arriving in Brazil on Aug 5 we continued our adventure in trusting God in obedience as we did 16 performances in 24 days and zoomed around the greater metropolitan area of Brasilia in our rented VW bus.fully loaded (well maybe overloaded) with all our props and costumes.  At one point we had 14 people packed in as we dropped some volunteers off at a bus stop after a performance.  Did I mention no AC in the van?
Around 2900 people saw our performances including one public school of 800 middle schoolers!  God's word was sown among many non believers and we continue to pray for His words to bring many to salvation.

We experienced God working in our many performances as some came forward for salvation,  others for prayer for problems in their lives and even one for deliverance from a demon.  We trusted God for His work among all who attended and rejoice at all who were touched by God's work in their lives through our Last Supper drama. 

Our  26 days in Brazil were spent with with one family, Pastor Sandro, wife Andrea' and 2 children Sandro Lucas (12 yrs) and Emily (9 yrs).  This was a wonderful and enriching time of fellowship, prayer, fun and ministry together.  Only the son spoke English (basic).  This adventure included lots of charades, pointing to objects, a steep learning curve of Portuguese for our team and Steve finding that his Spanish was useful. We thank the Lord they had internet and that google has a translation feature that is awesome that allowed us to communicate when detailed info needed to be talked about or we just wanted a conversation with someone.  Other invaluable tools - phrase book and a non digital timex watch!  We all become one family with God binding us together in our united desires to serve  and obey Him.


Thank you to all who support us regularly, those who gave specifically for this outreach trip and to the many of you who pray for us.  God has been faithful as we all Trust and Obey Him in our journey here on earth and see Him work in our lives and those around us because we have walked in obedience to His leading.